Wallpaper Decoration

Nowadays it becomes a trend to decorate the walls by using wallpapers. The wallpapers are generally sold in rolls and applied on the wall by the process of pasting. The purpose of applying the wallpaper is not only decoration but also to cover the uneven surface and minor wall defects. The wallpaper can be applied as lining paper or texture or with regular repeating pattern design.

On the basis of the method of creating the types of wallpapers are

  • Painted wallpaper
  • Hand printed block Wood wallpaper
  • Hand printed stencil wallpaper
  • Machine printed wallpaper
  • Flock printed wallpaper
And the most commonly used wallpaper is machine-printed wallpaper, but on the basis of printing techniques, it is divided into the following
  • Surface printing
  • Gravure printing
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Rotary printing
  • Digital printing
Digital printing wallpapers are frequently used for the interior of the walls. Customized wallpapers are also available which gives a unique look to the walls. By the process of customization, you can add the pic of your own or your dear ones on the wallpaper.

Inspiring Collection for the Wallpaper Decoration Interior