Painting a wall is very much necessary to look good. Painting is the main element to complete the Interior. With the help of paint and putty, we can make our wall smooth like marble.

In ancient time there was not this type of painting system, so people use to Lime Stone (Chuna) to colourize the wall, so they were facing a great problem, but now a days we are very lucky to have such branded companies like Asian paint, Berger paints, Nerolac Paint etc. Their products are very good.

Now products are available in many varieties, like mat finish, Glossy Finish, Texture etc. and also now a days paints are washable so that we can wash our wall time to time to look fresh. And also there are a number of colours which we can select as per our taste or according to the furniture.

Following are the steps of Painting.

  1. Putty
  2. Primer
  3. Frist Quote Paint
  4. Touch up with Putty and Paint
  5. Second Quote Paint
  6. Third Quote if required

Inspiring Collection for the Painting