Dining Room

Dining Room

A dining room is a room used for food consumption. It brings the members of the family closer. In modern time it is usually adjacent to the kitchen for the convenience in serving.

The dining room consists of a dining table and a number of chairs which totally depends on the size of the table. The dining tables are available in different shapes, size and design such as circular, rectangular, square etc and of different materials like wood, glass, marble and many more.

Now a days foldable Dining Tables are also available, we can customize the table as per the size of the room, we can also make the wall hanging Dining Table, that table consume very less space. At the time of lunch or dinner, we can open the table from the wall and just after compleating we can fold on to the wall.

At this time, the Dining room plays a very vital role in the life of our elders of the family, they can take food in a proper sitting arrangement.

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